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 Controlling and restricting access to a to a building can be difficult to control making security a real problem.The installation of an Access Control system is the best way of monitoring and dictating movement across your site and can be as simple or advanced as your requirements demand.These systems can be simple as a stand-alone door or a whole complex using a PC based system working over a local area network (LAN). We have some of the latest systems available so please contact us with your requirements. We can install Access Control systems in Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire & Surrey in towns such as Bournemouth, Poole, Dorchester, Southampton & Weymouth. Contact us for a competitive Access Control quotation.


Swipe or Proximity ?


 Prox reader

The swiping of a magnetic strip card to release an entrance has now been superseded by proximity cards or key fobs. These require no actual contact with the reader so therefore. The typical proximity card or key fob consists of a microchip and antenna embedded in a plastic card. When the card is placed within the radio field of the reader, the energy broad-casted from the reader energizes the microchip on the card and begins a transaction between the card and reader. When the reader recognizes the card, the card is queried for the identification number. Proximity readers have been steadily gaining in popularity because of the ease of use, lack of wear, and high tech image. The cards are very difficult to duplicate because of the need for the microchip, knowledge of radio ttechnology, and the software needed to implement the protocol.


Recommended systems we install...


Rosslare's Veritrax Access Control



Rosslare’s Veritrax™, is a networked access control platform, consisting of hardware, PC Software, Keypads & Readers, personal ID card technology at a very competitive price.

 Access Control system

Veritrax™ includes powerful system software for the PC that functions on an enterprise scale. PC system management software (AS-215) which operates with Client/ Server architecture, allowing access to the system from multiple terminals within a local network.


Veritrax™ supports multiple networks of door controllers (AS-215. AS-225), which are connected in either 24-Hours ON-Line, or Periodic Connected OFF-Line to a networked PC.


Veritrax™ allows the flexibility of connecting multiple door networks across several communications platforms; RS- 485, Ethernet TCP/IP LAN, PSTN Modem.

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TDSi Access Control


TDSi has been manufacturing Access Control Systems since 1982. TDSi Access Control is sold worldwide.


From stand alone systems to fully networkable systems that can be configured for single sites, multiple sites and multiple tenants TDSi's comprehensive product range includes MicroGarde® and eX Series networked controllers. They can operate over LAN, WAN, VPN or via dial up and GSM modem.  Additional I/O capacity can also be added to ease integration to othTDSi Controllerer systems. 


TDSi's comprehensive reader range – Proximity, Mifare®, Mag Stripe, IR MicroCardTM and Biometric (Fingerprint, Finger Vein, Palm Vein, Iris recognition, Facial Recognition) can be connected to all our access control controllers.

 TDSi Readers

We are a registered TDSi installer, having completed their training course. Technical support from TDSi is also excellent.


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