CCTV Code of Practice - Revised 2008 now here


Data Protection Act


The introduction of the Data Protection Act means that most CCTV installations designed to provide either crime prevention, crime detection or to enhance the safety of the public will now have to comply with the requirements of the Act.

The Act applies to commercial and public CCTV systems only, so if your system is for your own private residence you do not need to comply with it.

If your CCTV system includes a video recorder (analogue or digital), it is now a legal requirement that you operate the system in accordance with the Data Protection Act.



Basic Requirements of the Act

  • You display warning signs to show that CCTV cameras are recording

  • You log all of your recordings, as well as who changes tapes and when

  • You label each tape

  • You keep all your recorded tapes and video recorders secure

  • You register

  • You notify the Information Commissioner at or telephone 01625 545700, and pay a fee of (currently) £35