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Door Entry Systems...


A Door Entry system allows you to talk and even see your visitors before admitting them. It gives you the choice of who is allowed in - and who is not.


A system will consist of a panel outside the entrance door with a single or multiple buttons when installed in a blocks of flats. Door Entry systems can range from a simple one way audio entry system to sophisticated digital systems covering multiple flats and entrances - with or without video.


Inside, there will be a wall mounted handset. When the caller presses the call button, the handset will ring. A 2-way conversation can then take place. Pressing the release button on the hand set will release the electric lock on the entrance door.



We install Door Entry systems for flats and offices throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire & Surrey. Contact us for your Door Entry quotation



Recommended systems...


We mainly use door entry systems made by Bell System (Telephones) Ltd ( www.bellsystem.co.uk ) We have always found their systems to be reliable, robust and innovative. We have been installing Bell System products for over 12 years with little or no problems with many large systems installed.


Bell System offers a complete range of door entry systems. From the basic model 901 single station door entry residential kits to the sophisticated Bellcall digital entry systems, most access control applications are catered for. An impressive range of audio door entry telephones are avail Door Entryable incorporating the features and functions demanded by the expanding door entry systems and access control markets.


The Bellissimo video handset (on the right) now has a colour screen as standard.


Bell System offers the CSP series combined door entry using a proximity reader in the door entry panel. This would enable residents or staff to enter using a proximity card or key fob but visitors will have to press the call button for access


The CSP series are combined door entry and coded access systems utilising the economic Paxton standalone compact reader. These systems are  Door entry systemconveniently packaged with all necessary components to complete an installation including a starter pack of key-fobs. Additional packs of key-fobs can be purchased to the required number - 10,000 key-fob capacity.


We are able to offer many different combinations of door panel, either of a standard design or in stainless steel. We can also have the panels made to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). These will consist of a door panel with a call button (and even a camera) at the top of the door panel for an able bodied person with an additional call button (and even a camera) at the bottom of the door panel for disable person who might be in a wheelchair. Please contact us for further details.


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