Infra red lighting (IR) - Night Vision cameras...


For cameras to view a scene at night, Infra red lighting is normally required. Some of the modern cameras such as the Dymamic VLD Dome and the Samsung cameras we use, perform well with very little light but for really good night vision, Infra red lighting is required.


In our view, the best infra red (IR) lighting is made by Raytec Ltd. Initial outlay can be a bit high for infra red lighting but is does mean that true 24/7 vision is then available. The true day/night cameras such as the Samsung SDN550 switch to monochrome (black/white) during darkness with higher resolution. Have a look at their range on Their IR lamps really do perform well and have a 5 year warranty and expected life of overRaymax 10 years. Running cost are very low compared to the old IR lamps which were rated around 300-500W. These new lamps are around 60-80W.


The company now makes RayMAX Infra Red, RayLUX White Light, Hybrid lamps which combine both and now Number Plate Capture camera.



We also install a budget range of IR lamp, the Dynamic IR60. This is a LED design giving good performance and long life. These units are low voltage 12VDC or 24VAC which makes them good for retro-fitting to exis
IR60ting low voltage cameras.


Have a look at our screen shots for an example of IR lighting at work (Car Park at night with infra red lighting) The scene shown was almost in complete darkness with only the IR lighting available for the camera to work.


Another advantage of IR lighting is that the light is almost invisible to the human eye so the camera viewing area remains dark resulting in no light pollution. Also, potential intuders think they are working in the dark which comes as a surprise when they are shown good quality images in complete darkness.