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Vivotek IP bullet camera
An IP camera (also known as an Network camera) can be described as a camera and computer combined in one intelligent unit.  It captures and transmits live images directly over an IP network (e.g.LAN / Intranet / Internet), enabling users to remotely view and/or manage the security camera from a web browser on any computer, anywhere, at any time. IP cameras have far greater resolution than the conventional analogue cameras. We now install 4.0 mega-pixel cameras as standard but we are also starting to Install 4k cameras (12 mega-pixel) in certain scenarios. The best analogue security camera (D1 Resolution) is about 0.4 Mega-pixel. This is a giant leap in picture quality.
So, you already have a CCTV system installed with conventional CCTV cameras (these would be analogue)? No problem. Our  HDCVI hybride system can utilise the exisitng cabling and will accommodate your old cameras but will also allow to add High Definition cameras to the same system. That is, it can connect both conventional analogue CCTV cameras and the latest mega-pixel network CCTV cameras so you can keep your existing investment while still taking advantage of the new technology
As a professional CCTV installer, we are specialists in Network security camera installations. We install & upgrade network camera systems throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire & Surrey.
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NetworkVideo Recorders (NVR) from 4 cameras up to128 cameras on one server



NetStation is an advanced digital CCTV video surveillance software designed for systems of any complexity and size. Flexible scalability - per single IP channel - allows precise system adjustment to meet customer needs. Maximal IP channel number per server is 128 (4x NetStation 32 applications)


alnet netstation
  • 128 IP channels per one server
  • Unlimited channels in multi-server system
  • Video Content Analysis support
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Bookmarks in recordings
  • Support for FishEye cameras
  • Advanced video archive
  • Fast preview in recordings
  • Digital zoom
  • Advanced task scheduler
  • Multilayer e-maps
  • Advanced backup
  • Multistream support
  • Multi-level user account management
  • POS integration

Very long recording times can now be achieved, normally at least 30 days and often far more as the system uses intelligent motion detection and with up to 18.0Tb hard disc storage on-board with RAID as an option – no more tapes to change! Recording can be continuous, scheduled or by motion detection. Events can be backed to DVD using the built in DVD Writer and also backed up to Windows Media file (AVI)



IP cameras we use..




We are now supplying and installing the latest IP camera solutions by HikVision. Product quality is excellent and very comparatively priced. Their IP camera range includes cameras from 1.3 Mega pixel up to 6.0 Mega pixel, both internal and external with built in Infrared. The performance of these cameras is excellent. A range of Mega pixel PTZ cameras is also available. All cameras are the latest ONVIF compatible so are the perfect camera range for our Alnet Netstation system.












Dahua Technology is a world-leading and advanced video surveillance solution provider. We use their excellent range of IP cameras including the latest auto-tracking PTZ domes. Our standard IP camera is the compact built excellent 4.0 mega-pixel mini dome. This camera has oustanding picture quality with excellent night vision. Dahau cameras are compatible with our Alnet Netstation system.


We also use their class leading PTZ cameras. The 2.0 mega-pixel version has to be seen to be believed. It has a built in long range infra-red for excellent night vision